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Qualification of IC αRD124A for application in ESA missions
RD ALFA Microelectronics is happy to announce that, at the end of 2021, it has successfully finished the ESA PECS project "Qualification of IC αRD124A for application in ESA missions", Contract No.: 4000128048/19/NL/SC.More...

A/S “RD ALFA mikroelektronikas departaments” ir uzsācis pētījumu Nr. 1.17. “Zema sprieguma un zema trokšņu līmeņa četrpakāpju Rail-to-Rail operacionālā pastiprinātāja tehnoloģijas un mikroshēmas prototipa izpēte un izstrāde”, kas tiek īstenots Latvijas elektronisko un optisko iekārtu ražošanas nozares kompetences centra īstenotā projekta Nr. ietvaros. Projektu līdzfinansē projekta Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds. Pētījuma izpildes periods 01.12.2020. - 30.06.2022.More...

Start of qualification process of IC αRD124A
RD ALFA Microelectronics team is glad to announce that a new contract with ESA in the frame of PECS projects was signed as a sign of established longtime collaboration between two organizations.More...

Research of the New Generation Spectrometry: Development of Design and Technologies for the Manufacturing of Innovative Diode
RD ALFA Microelectronics implements a research project within the second selection phase of project applications for the action programme “Growth and Employment”, specific support goal 1.2.1 “Increase of private sector investments in S&D (Search & Development), activity “Support for the Development of New Products and Technologies Within the Competence Centres”.More...

European Space Components Conference 2019
Company representative Lev Lapkis participated in the European Space Components Conference ESCCON 2019 this year in Nordwick (Netherlands) from 11-13 March 2019. The conference was an important event that gathered information on the ongoing component market and their potential in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Discussions were held with existing and potential partners. The company representative also presented the ESA-PECS project αRD124A for ESA missions.More...

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