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JSC «RD ALFA mikroelektronikas departaments», hereinafter referred to as – RD ALFA Microelectronics, develops, manufactures and supplies the following in:


·           Operational amplifiers;

·           Comparators;

·           Low frequency amplifiers;

·           Differential pairs;

·           Electronic keys, including keys with improved response time;

·           Analog multipliers;





Top management of the organization, for the purpose of preservation and development of the manufacturing of integral circuits, being aware of the fact that the developed and implemented organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) is the primary tool for the implementation of the policy and objectives in the field of quality, undertaking the following obligations:

1. Ensuring of update, support and compliance of the implemented Quality Management System (QMS) with ISO 9001, as well as constant improvement of the efficiency thereof through the analysis provided by the management, as well as the development, revision or clarification of objectives in the area of quality and allocation of the relevant resources;

2.  Ensuring of regular monitoring for the compliance with the consumers demands for the improvement of their level of satisfaction.

3. Notification of personnel and explanation of quality policy in easy and understandable manner for every employee of the organization, furthermore, every employee shall be considered an important part of the operated QMS.


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