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August 1962. Design Office No. 4 was founded


May 1966. First hybrid chip for communication equipment was developed.


September 1966. Based on Design Office No. 4, the Riga Research Institute of Microdevices (RNIIMP) was founded.


November 1966. RNIIMP founded its plant.

April 1971. Development of the first semiconductor operational amplifier was launched.

September 1971. Based on RNIIMP and the Riga Plant of Semiconductor Devices, Production Association Alpha was founded. 

April 1973. Production of semiconductor operational amplifiers was launched at RNIIMP's plant.

August 1975. Release of the first voltage comparators developed by RNIIMP.

August 1976. Release of the first semiconductor digital-to-analog converter developed by RNIIMP.

September 1977. RNIIMP's plant was reorganized into Plant Inverter in the composition of Production Association Alpha..

April 1980. Release of the first voltage-frequency-voltage integrated converter developed by RNIIMP. At that time their linearity and functionality exceeded parameters of foreign analogues.


December 1980. Release of the first integrated analog-to-digital converter developed by RNIIMP. At that time their high-speed characteristics exceeded parameters of foreignanalogues.

December 1983. Release of the first integrated signal processing microprocessors developed by RNIIMP.

December 1991. RNIIMP and Plant Inverter were registered at the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia in the composition of the founded joint-stock company Alpha

August 1997. Process of privatization of Joint-Stock Company Alpha was launched. In particular, the joint-stock companies Alpha RNIIMP and Alpha Inverter were founded. 

April 1999. Process of privatization was finished. Enterprises of Joint-Stock Company Alpha, including Joint-Stock Company Alpha RNIIMP, became private.

September 1999. Joint-Stock Company Alpha RNIIMP is renamed into Joint-Stock Company RD Alfa.

August 2001. Amalgamation of the joint-stock companies RD Alfa and Alpha Inverter. Joint-Stock Company RD Alfa becomes a historical, legal and actual assignee of RNIIMP.


August 2002. After the reorganization of JSC "RD Alfa", JSC "RD Alfa Microelectronic Department" has obtained the status of an independent legal entity and has been entered into the Register of Enterprises. Since then, JSC "RD Alfa Microelectronic Department" has become historical, legal and factual cessionary of RNIIMP and the factory in terms of intellectual property, as well as the processes of development and production line of microchips formerly manufactured by the „Invertor”.


April 2005. Company's quality system is certificated on conformity of standard ISO 9001:2000. 


September 2010.  Company's  quality system is certificated on conformity of standard ISO 9001:2008.  


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