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TWIST-8RC-AUTO Eight Channel UTP Adaptive Automatic Equalization Receiver Hub


TWIST-8RC-AUTO - Automatically converts a differential video signal into a balanced signal when installed on the receiving end of a UTP cable run from RD ALFA Microelectronics transmitters. The unit is rack mountable into a 1U high rack and has eight independent video receiver channels.

TWIST-8RC-AUTO receives colour or monochrome PAL video at distances up to 900m (2952ft) when combined with RD ALFA Microelectronics transmitters over compatible UTP cable (CAT5).

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TWIST-8RC-AUTO Receiver Hub automatically conditions the video signal, compensating for cable attenuation and ground loops.
TWIST-8RC-AUTO Receiver Hub compensates for high-frequency loses in the video-transmission line and has automatic adjustment of the video signal level. Each receiver input is galvanically isolated and has bult in lightning & surge protection. .


For best video quality it is recommended to use the RD ALFA Microelectronics passive transceiver balun TWIST-P1 or active transmitter TWIST-TA-M. Maximum video line length CAT5е when using TWIST8RC-AUTO Receiver Hub with a passive transceiver balun TWIST-P1 is 500 meters (1640 feet). Maximum video line length (CAT5е) when using TWIST8RC-AUTO Receiver Hub with an active transmitter TWIST-TA-M is 900 meters (2952 feet).


Video distance recommendations:

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 Parameter Value
Amplitude of input/output video signal 0.5 - 2.5 V
Resistance for coaxial input 75 Ohm
Wave resistance of UTP cable 100 Ohm +/- 20
Frequency band 50Hz - 7 Mhz
Minimum sync pulse range for automated mode 0.08 V
Minimum colour burst pulse range for automated mode 0.05 V
Range of differential amplitude – frequency equalization at frequency 4.43 Mhz (adjustable automatically) 18 dB
Range of gain control (adjustable automatically) 9 dB
Common-mode signal rejection rate) 60 dB
Max. supply transmitter current 50 mA
Supply Voltage 230 VAC


Humidity: 20 to 80%, non-condensing
Temperature Operating: -30°C to +50°C



Dimensions 480x95x44 mm
Weight/td> 1600g
Material Metal


Category type UTP Cat5
Impedance 100 Ohm
DC loop resistance 18 Оhm  per 100m
Differential capacitance 80 pF/m  max



High quality CCTV signal conditioning at distances up to 900 metres (3000 feet)

twist-8rc, video balun,

High-quality reception of video signals at a distances of up to 900 metres (2952 feet) using Cat5 UTP cable

Automatic frequency correction of video signal to ensure true colour rendition

Automatic frequency correction of video signal level to ensure correct brightness levels

Receiver has built in LED indicators for video signal presence and automatic operation mode

Fast black level clamping of the video signal
Receiver’s inputs are galvanically isolated and have built-in ground loop isolation, lightning & surge protection. This protects equipment from damage in harsh industrial applications ___________________





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