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TWIST-R-AUTO-M Active Video Receiver for Category 5 Unshielded Twisted-Pair cable (UTP)


TWIST-R-AUTO-M - Active Video Receiver converts a differential video signal into a standard one and is installed on the receiving end of the video line.

twist-p1, video balun, scheme

Receiver TWIST-R-AUTO-M has a line length automatic correction system, which compensates high-frequency signal losses in the line and automatically controls the video signal level. The receiver has an indicator of video signal presence and automated operation. The inputs of the receiver have galvanic isolation from the signal line as well as lighting protection. The receiver has galvanic protection from lighting and current surges with amplitude of up to 5 kA and a pulse width of up to 8/20µs, and also protection from constant differential voltage of up to 24 V or common voltages between the earth wire and cable wires of up to ±12 V.


When the TWIST-TA-M transmitter on the transmitting end of the video line and TWIST-R-AUTO-M receiver on the receiving end of the video line are connected in series, a high-quality colour video signal is transmitted through the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable at a distance of up to 900 metres (2952 feet).


Up to six TWIST-R-AUTO-Ms can be mounted to standard 19 inch 1U Rack mount. This device is called TWIST-R AUTO-1URM6.

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TWIST-R-AUTO-1URM6, video balun, scheme


Video distance recommendations:


twist-p1, video balun, max distance



Range of differential amplitude–frequency equalization at frequency 4.43МHz
 Parameter Value
Amplitude of input video signal 0.5 – 2.5 V
Impedance for coaxial input 75 Ohm
Wave resistance of UTP cable 100 Ohm
Frequency band 7 MHz
Range of differential amplitude-frequency equalizaction at frequency 4.43MHz 18 dB
Range of gain control (adjustable automatically) 9 dB
Common-mode signal rejection rate 50 dB
Max. supply receiver current 70 mA
Supply voltage (DC voltage) 7 - 12V
Dimensions 50х48х38 mm
Weight 60 g


Category type UTP Cat5
Impedance 100 Ohm
DC loop resistance 18 Оhm  per 100m
Differential capacitance 80 pF/m  max



High quality CCTV signal videotransmission at distances up to to 900 metres (2952 feet)

TWIST-R-AUTO-M, TWIST-TA-M, video balun,

High-quality transmission
of video signal at
a distance of up to
900 using (2952 feet)
using Cat5 UTP cable

Automatic frequency
corrections and automatic
adjustment of
video signal level

Receiver’ inputs are galvanically isolated and have a lightning & surge protection, which is particularly suitable for harsh industrial applications

The receiver
have LED indicators
for video signal
presence and for
automatic operation mode

Fast black level
clamping of the
video signal
Use low-voltage
power, + 12 В DC





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