ESA Co-funded Project Successfully Completed: αRD139A and αRD1567 ICs Fully Qualified

 The ESA co-funded project "Qualification and Research of Analog IC Elements Resistance to Radiation" (Contract No. 4000137307/22/NL/GLC/zk) has successfully qualified the αRD139A and αRD1567 ICs. This joint project, which consolidated several proposals previously submitted to ESA, has achieved significant advancements in radiation-hardened analog IC technology.


Key Project Objectives and Achievements

  • IC Qualification and Development:
    • αRD139A: Qualified according to ESA requirements.
    • αRD1567: Completed development and qualified according to ESA requirements.
  • Radiation-Hardened IC Design:
    • Conducted extensive studies on design and technological solutions to enhance radiation resistance of analog ICs.
  • Project Highlights

    • Measurement and Testing Equipment: Developed new equipment for comprehensive testing of microcircuits, ensuring repeatability and standardization.

    ·       Radiation Defects Study: Demonstrated that radiation-thermal treatment improves irradiation resistance of transistors, especially PNP substrate transistors.

    ·       Spectroscopic Studies: Tested methods like ellipsometry, FTIR and Raman spectra, although not effective for studying radiation resistance, provided valuable insights.

    • Radiation Resistance Tests:
      • SEE Tests: Both αRD139A and αRD1567 successfully passed Single Event Effects (SEE) tests.
      • TID Levels: Confirmed TID levels of 100 krad for αRD139A and 50 krad for αRD1567, making them suitable for 90% of aerospace applications.
    • Manufacturing and Quality Assurance: Successfully manufactured wafer lots and conducted extensive evaluation and qualification tests per ESCC requirements.


    Advancements and Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

    The project increased the TRL of the αRD139A and αRD1567 from 4 to 7, making them suitable for ESA missions and enhancing their market potential in the European Space Industry. This qualification ensures the ICs are listed in the ESA EPPL, making them free of ITAR restrictions and highly reliable for at least 15 years of active service life.


    IC Descriptions

    • αRD139A Quad Comparator: Features four independent precision voltage comparators designed to operate from a single or split power supply, suitable for a wide range of applications, including limit comparators, analog to digital converters, and high voltage digital logic gates.
    • αRD1567 CMOS Dual Transceiver: Designed to meet MIL-STD-1553/1760 specifications, it converts CMOS/TTL digital input data to bi-phase Manchester encoded signals, ideal for aerospace and defense applications


    Collaborative Efforts and Market Impact

    RD ALFA Microelectronics collaborated with Thales Alenia Space to verify and validate the αRD1567. The modernized design of αRD1567 now fully complies with MIL-STD-1553B standards, including the stringent Noise Rejection Test.

    These ICs are highly demanded in the European Space Industry, and their qualification ensures a diversified and reliable supply for European consumers, supporting the European Non-Dependency initiative.


    Call to Action

    For detailed specifications and to explore the capabilities of these advanced ICs, download the datasheets for αRD139A and αRD1567 now:





    Stay ahead in the field of radiation-hardened technology with the latest innovations from our project.


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