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The explanations of integrated circuits designations

Our company uses two types of integrated circuits designations, which are represented on this webpage.


1. Microchips designation in Russian is according to the ОСТ 11 073.915-2000, example 1401УД4РРА.

2. Microchips designation in English is given in accordance with the international classification.


The description of this classification is given below:


Part ID format: aRDddddA/BCD,   example: aRD101/C5B




αRD – company sign


dddd – arbitrary  amount of numbers corresponding to equivalent part or our product line series

A –  part group (if group exists), can be any letter

B – part form type  (packaged IC, unpackaged IC or IC on polyimide carrier)


For package IC’s:

A – CDIP-8

B – CDIP-14

C – TO-5

H – TO-8

N – 14-Lead Metal-Ceramic

P or T – 16-Lead Flat Metal-Ceramic

U – 16-Lead Quad Metal-Ceramic

Z – CQCC2-N20-K4


For unpackaged IC’s:

W – wafer

D – die form

K – chip on carrier 

L – chip on polyimide carrier


C - acceptance level ( Commercial=1, Industrial& Military=5, Space=7 )

For a list of space parts please contact us at info@rdalfa.eu.


D – temperature range, °С:


М – (-25;85)                        C – (-60;85)

D – (-45;85)                         B – (-60;125)             

L – (-45;100)                       E – (-60; 100)

R – (-45;125)     




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