Success on development of the ╬▒RD124



Under the contract with ESA, the development of the αRD124A - Quad Operational Amplifier (link to datasheet) has been successfully completed.The test of prototypes for radiation resistance by the method of Total Ionization Dose (TID), Low Dose Rate (LDR) set was completed successfully. TID LDR test of αRD124A for 450Krad showed positive results on all parameters, performance better than equivalents of USA manufactures.


Nevertheless, according to specification, it needed to perform test up to 150Krad, in order to understand borders of our technology and test the IC for its stability, the decision was made to achieve TID LDR dose 450Krad.


This fact, as well as the results of the rejection tests of a number of pilot lots, make it possible to count on a favorable outcome of the procedure for qualifying this product for compliance with the requirements of ESA regulatory documentation, which in turn can further positively influence the commercial success of the product in the Space Industry market.


The official representatives of RD ALFA microelectronics in Europe - DIMAC RED S.p.a will participate in the exhibition Electronica-2018, which will be held in Munich (Germany) from November 13th to 16th. Everyone is welcome to visit their stand 554 at booth B5 where Business Development Managers will tell more about projects of RD ALFA microelectronics. Also, the representatives of RD ALFA Microelectronics will attend the exhibition, please reserve meeting time for the meeting.


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