Innovative solution for optical spectrum measurement



RD ALFA Microelectronics is working on developing an innovative solution for optical spectrum measurement. Currently measurements are done by dividing light into its spectral components using a diffraction grating. Spectrum is got by measuring each spectral component with photo sensitive element in an array. In contrast we propose to use a specially designed photodiode on which light falls without any modification and algorithm process the signal to get the spectrum.


Single photodiode based spectrum measurement utilizes well known physical principle of light penetration depth. Light at different wavelength has different depth of penetration in semiconductors. The know-how is diode structure which can be voltage tuned to filter different light spectrum depending on absorption and a algorithm which can be realized on low cost processors to make real time measurements. As a result, this will reduce the size of the spectrometer and make possible to measure spectrum in 350 – 1100 nm range with 1nm resolution.


Industrial prototype is planned for January 2017.


RD ALFA Microelectronics is looking for partners to team up for collaboration in development of measurement instruments for proposed applications.


Please contact us our Development  Manager if you are interested in getting more information: lev.lapkis@rdalfa.eu




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