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Independent testing by Benchmak Magazine


Baluns do introduce an additional cost, but the total savings and benefits combined make those costs negligible.


Whilst there are some poor quality low-cost baluns out there, there are also many good products on offer such as the RD Alfa Microelectronics baluns.


The RD Alfa MicroelectronicsTWIST-P1 baluns are equal with other more expensive baluns when it comes to build quality and performance. The units offer immunity to ground loops, helping to eradicate hum bars and other interference, and eliminate issues with other cross-talk and low frequency issues. Even with sources of low-frequency interference introduced, the video transmitted across the TWIST-P1 UTP link remains cleaner, consistent and more stable.


The TWIST-P1 set-up worked well and clearly delivered transmission that was superior to that achievable with coax and was equal to leading (and more expensive) brands tested. Comparing the RD Alfa Microelectronicsbaluns to the established market leaders showed no difference between the RD Alfa Microelectronics units and others. Both performed as expected, but with a 25% cost saving it may be worth using the RD Alfa Microelectronics baluns in order to reduce cost.


The TWIST-P1 baluns have already been recommended by Benchmark with an overall rating of 80%. The baluns comfortably achieve a level of performance on par with some of the leading brands on the market, but for a fraction of the price, RD Alfa Microelectronicsis a low-cost alternative to be considered.



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