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Benefits of using our products

Since 2003, our specialists have developed and produced devices for the processing and transmission of video signals over long distances through coaxial cable and twisted pair cable. Such devices are based on microcircuits of our own design, which are in full-scale production at RD ALFA Microelectronics and produced to the highest quality, supported by our lifetime warranty.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality while reducing your cost of installing CCTV systems as a result of using our products.


Benefits of using Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cables


  • UTP Cables are proven to be easier to run, and save – on average – 25% of installation time; resulting in lower labour costs.
  • UTP offers a significant rejection of noise and cross-talk compared to Coaxial cable.
  • UTP is able to transmit distances of 900m, over three times the distance of Coaxial Cable – on average.
  • UTP is supplied in multiple-pair cables, which means that up to 100 signals can be transmitted on the same cable – taking up less than an inch of containment.
  • Cat-5 cable enables the technology to be easily upgraded to IP when it is more practical/cost-effective. The use of Cat-5 “future-proofs” any installation.
  • Cat-5 is able to provide Power, Data and Video for the majority of applications.


Feature Our Advantage Benefit to You  
Noise & Cross-talk Immunity All RD Alfa products are designed with exceptional noise rejection and cross-talk immunity Guarantee of clean video, even in areas that are electrically noisy RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality 
Compatible with all Video Standardsy The UTP line is designed for all worldwide video standards Full PAL bandwidth capability provides excellent image quality for PAL systems  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, pal, secam
Ground Loop Isolation RD Alfa’s active solutions are built with ground loop isolation Eliminates “ground loop” providing clearer and cleaner video  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, noise, reduduction
Support “Up-the-Coax” Signals Our passive transceivers pass through “Up-the-Coax” signalling Easy control of PTZ cameras  RD ALFA Microelectronics, ptz
Surge & Lightning Protection RD Alfa Microelectronics offers two types of surge protection: Line-to-line suppression and Line-to-Ground suppression System is protected against lightning strikes and voltage surges  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, lightning, thunder storm
Easy Installation, Auto Adjustment RD Alfa Microelectronics active receivers have automatic adjustments No set-up required  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, easy to install
Compact Design RD Alfa Microelectronics offer baluns with female or direct mounting options Direct mounting avoids the use of jumper cables preventing signal loss and reducing installation time  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, compact size
Lifetime Warranty All products are guaranteed in line with warranty statement Any defective product will be replaced free of charge  RD ALFA Microelectronics, quality, lifte time warranty


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