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Design of video surveillance systems


Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track.

Length: 1200m (16 curves), Height difference 120m Construction made by Balt-iTV Ltd and RD ALFA Microelectronics.
Video lines use external multi-pair cables; number of video cameras 20.
Length of video lines 1200m and 120m.

Video transmission equipment system: TWIST-P1M, TWIST-R-AUTO-M, TWIST-TA-M, TWIST-8RC-AUTO.


Riga Shipyard

Territory area: 1 100 000 m2.
Construction was made by BISS Ltd and RD ALFA Microelectronics.
Video lines use internal telecommunication network; number of video cameras 16.
Length of video lines 2200m and 300m. Video transmission equipment system Twist + Videonorm.

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